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The Quantum EcoVillage would be designed to promote a harmonious relationship between humans and nature, while also addressing the challenges of our modern lifestyles. It would incorporate sustainable practices such as renewable energy sources, waste reduction and management, and organic farming techniques. The community would also prioritize holistic health and wellness. 

Sacred geometry would be infused into the design of the EcoVillage, as it is believed to have a profound impact on our surroundings and wellbeing. The shapes and patterns found in sacred geometry are believed to hold energetic properties that can positively influence our physical and emotional health. 

Permaculture principles would also be integrated into the functioning of the EcoVillage, ensuring that the community is self-sufficient and regenerating. Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles that mimic patterns observed in natural ecosystems. By incorporating permaculture practices, the EcoVillage would promote biodiversity, reduce waste, and promote the health of the soil, plants, and animals. 

Ultimately, the Quantum EcoVillage would provide a blueprint for sustainable, holistic living that can benefit both individuals and the planet as a whole. Through a combination of science, spirituality, and sustainable design, the Quantum EcoVillage represents a bold vision for a more harmonious and connected way of life.

Natasha Azrak, IFMCP

Philippe Brouillard, MBA, PhD candidate 

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